Ceiling pendants like bed-head consoles consist of a number of outlets used for medical gases such as Oxygen, compressed air, vacuum, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, or any other gas that are used for supplying medical gases and power sockets; however, they do provide other facilities such as providing a space for placing the monitor and other medical equipment to be put near the patient’s bed or within the operating rooms to be used by the surgical team, if necessary. Furthermore, since they have a rotational capacity they can easily be moved in various directions.
The ceiling pendant provides a space for connecting and installing the equipment that needs to be placed near the patient’s bed through the internet and phone; serum hangers and other accessories are considered some of this equipment. The FME ceiling pendant can be used within the special care units (such as ICU, CCU, NICU, PICU), Angiography, Dialysis, operating, and emergency rooms.

ceiling pendant