Bank-type Oxygen Generator

Our oxygen generators are a part of the oxygen generator system that screens nitrogen and oxygen and directs the obtained oxygen to the outlet pipes. According to the needs of medical centers, different models of oxygen generators are designed and produced. They have a capacity of 100 liters to 600 liters.
Oxygen production technology in the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) method is a way of producing oxygen at the point of consumption. The production of oxygen in bank-type generating devices (oxygenator) is based on the passage of compressed air through zeolite granules, which are called molecular sieves. The nitrogen in the air is trapped in the blocks containing zeolite while passing through the molecular sieve and air oxygen is released. This regeneration and absorption cycle is done continuously and intermittently in the blocks so that the oxygen reaches the patient with a purity of 93 ± 3%.


Except for the initial cost of purchasing this product, almost no other price is paid for oxygen production. lt can be claimed that as long as there is air, this device can also produce oxygen, as a result of which there is no limit to its operation and it can be used all the time.

Wall Oxygen Flowmeter with Humidifier Unit

This Wall Oxygen Flowmeter with Humidifier unit is used within all the hospital units in order to deliver the humidified oxygen to the patients’ respiratory tracts and it states the flow volume in the LPM units, and due to the fact the flow volume can be adjusted within the flowmeter, setting up the flow at the 0.1 rate up to 15 l/m with in the flowmeter scales helps the patient breathe much easier.

Medical Compressed Air System

The compressed air system is designed to produce medical compressed air. After being compressed by the compressor, and passing through the water trap, the air enters the compressed air tank, and after passing through the filtration, it is dried by an absorption dryer, and it separates the moisture and oil particles up to 0.1 micron, and the uniform dry air flow enters the system up to 5 times. Compressed air piping is used for consumption.


1- Using the maximum capacity of compressed air at any time required by the hospital department.
2- Convenient transfer of compressed air to any part of the hospital where it is needed
3- By adjusting the necessary pressure of consumption, you can access any speed of compressed air for consumption
4- The compressed air system is designed so that the temperature fluctuations of the environment have no effect on it
5- The parts used in this system are pneumatic and use the latest technologies, and this will increase the lifespan of the parts.
6- In terms of safety, the compressed air system does not cause fire or explosion