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Neuroset E110 EEG Device

Neuroset E110 is a system for receiving and analyzing brain waves. The steps for receiving a signal are very simple and include entering patient information, installing electrodes, pressing a key to display brain signals, and pressing a key to print or store signals simultaneously.

The files are stored as a simple assembly and can be easily converted to different assemblies. Therefore, without the presence of the patient, it is possible to review, change the assembly and analyze the signals. It is also possible to transfer recorded signals via a USB port to another Neuroset device (or computer). Frequency analysis and detection of the amount (power) of brain signals in different EEG bands and user-defined bands as well as color mapping of the brain are the analytical features of the device.

Technical Specifications
  • 21 Channels EEG + 3 Extra Amplifier Channels
  • 15″ Monitor (Laptap System)
  • Thermal Printing on 216 mm Wide Continuous
  • Paper Same as Analog EEGs
  • FFT and Brain Mapping Software Analysis
  • Remontage and Digital Filtering
  • Impedance Check Measurement
  • USB and Serial Communication
  • Compact and Portable
  • Persian and English Languages Support
  • Laser Color and Monochrome Printer Support