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Hospitech Medical was founded in accordance to the demand for modernization of hospital systems, and through extensive research by specialized personnel and scientists has now become a Medical Equipment Company for Smart Hospital Systems and Modular Smart Hospital Rooms, ICU & CCU & Operating Room products and systems.

The company’s primary goal is to create a comprehensive and expanded product portfolio of healthcare products and services in the World. This includes hi-tech solutions for medical industry, which will improve the medical care industry as a whole, using more precise machinery, and accurate and modern technology.

Beating heart of every dynamic organization is its R&D department which has been Hospitech Medical’s first priority. Nearly 50 engineers with different higher educational backgrounds work in R&D department. Experts who have ongoing scientific communication with universities and research centers. Our researchers are continuously improving the products, considering existing conditions, and international development to provide our customers with much better quality and on time after-sales services according to international standards of ISO9001, ISO13485.

Hospitech Medical never stops. We have always believed that our team can make a change in the world and YES, we did it. By introducing our completely unique brand-new devices: Cancer Diagnostic Probe (CDP) and GammaPen, we have proved ourselves and also the world that HOSPITECH MEDICAL CAN.