Electro Chemo Therapy (ECT)

Electro Chemo Therapy (ECT)

Electroporation is a cutting-edge approach in cancer therapy that harnesses the power of electric fields to induce small pores, or disruptions, in the cell membranes for drug delivery or gene transfection. This technique, which differs from traditional heat or cold-based treatments, provides a new way to target and manage tumors with minimal invasiveness. Electroporation focuses on temporarily opening cell membranes through controlled electric pulses, offering a promising approach to improve the absorption of therapeutic agents into cancer cells. By combining electrical fields and membrane permeabilization, this method represents a revolutionary tool in the ongoing fight against cancer.  

Advantages and Superiority of the Electro Chemo Therapy

Electro Chemo Therapy is revolutionizing cancer treatment by offering a non-surgical approach for solid tumor therapy. This innovative method leverages electroporation, where controlled electric pulses create temporary pores in cell membranes, allowing for enhanced absorption of chemotherapeutic agents directly into cancer cells. This targeted delivery system improves the efficacy of treatments while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. As a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgical methods, ECT provides a promising option for patients, potentially leading to quicker recovery times, fewer side effects, and better overall outcomes in the fight against cancer.  

Hospital Tech Electro Chemo Therapy in Solid Tumor Therapy

Hospitech Cancer Care Innovations Company leads the way in transforming cancer diagnosis with its range of cutting-edge devices. These devices include the Cancer Diagnostic Probe (CDP), Impedimetric Tumor Detection System (ITDS), Electrical Endoscopy Mass Detection (EMD), and Electro ChemoTherapy (ECT) & Gamma Probe . These advanced technologies are designed to improve cancer detection and treatment effectiveness. Supported by research, publications, and patents, these instruments provide accurate results for early diagnosis and better patient outcomes. The company is proud of its dedicated team and unwavering commitment to making a significant impact in the healthcare industry's fight against cancer. The innovative use of electroporation in Electro Chemo Therapy presents a compelling case for doctors to incorporate it into their cancer treatment approaches. Electroporation, which involves using electric fields to temporarily open cell membranes, allows for improved delivery of therapeutic agents directly into cancer cells, thereby enhancing treatment effectiveness. ECT stands out from traditional heat or cold-based methods as it offers a minimally invasive approach, resulting in targeted tumor management with fewer side effects. By embracing this groundbreaking technology, doctors have the potential to deliver advanced care and improve outcomes for their cancer patients. Electro Chemo Therapy will allow you to enhance the standard and effectiveness of the treatment provided at your healthcare facility.  

Technology of Electro Chemo Therapy in Solid Tumor Therapy

Electro chemotherapy, an innovative approach in cancer treatment, uses high-voltage electric pulses to temporarily puncture cancer cells, allowing better penetration of chemotherapy drugs. The reversibility of the created holes depends on the size and duration of the electric pulses, with a direct impact on cell survival. This technique, known as Electro chemotherapy (ECT), improves drug delivery to tumor cells, potentially enhancing treatment effectiveness and outcomes for cancer patients. The integration of electric pulses and chemotherapy presents a hopeful technology in the continuous effort to advance cancer therapies.

Electro Chemo Therapy Features

  • Various electrode types for different tumors: superficial, deep-seated tumors and etc
  • Treatment for primary cutaneous BCC & SCC & melanoma
  • Non-thermal method
  • Controllable: By adjusting electric pulse parameters (e.g., voltage, duration, and frequency)
  • Rapid: The process occurs within milliseconds
  • Making the process potentially reversible and less damaging to cells


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