This technology would enhance the osteoconductivity of the implant surfaces manufactured from titanium or titanium alloys.

Applicable for Pedicle Screws, Lateral Mass Screw Mesh Corpectomy Cages, Expandable Corpectomy Cages, Screws for Anterior Stand-alone fusion.

Long-term effectiveness of osseointegration at the interface of bone-implant, particularly trabecular bone.

Increased bone-ingrowth through the surface of the implant.

Enhanced adhesion of the coating layer to the screw threads, particularly at thread crest

Promote bone formation on the surface of the implant and significant reduction of fibrous tissu formation

Enhanced corrosion resistant and biocompatibility effect compared to uncoated titanium implant.

Effective distribution of the calcium-phosphate phases with the prominent phase of HA with Ca/P ratio of 1.67.

Porosity of developed bioactive-osseoconductive coating layer in the range of 1 to 5 mico- meter.