15.What are the specific features or functionalities of CDP that set it apart from other breast cancer detection technologies?


  • First of all, the system works based on different biological metabolisms of cancer cells.
  • Then, the system evaluation is performed on cavity side margins which are not routinely examined by pathological methods (frozen-section and permanent) and remain in the body without any evaluations.
  • CDP evaluation is not only on the margin surface and has a 4mm depth of sensitivity.
  • All the calibrations are performed based on the cavity side margin permanent pathology results.
  • 8000 samples from 600 different patients of all types and grades of breast cancer tumors have been tested in three clinical trials.
  • Accordingly, scattered tumoral cells can be detected in the internal or cavity side margins.
  • Unlike CDP, the Margin probe and Mass pen are not calibrated and clinically examined for Lymph node and mass modes.
  • As you can see in the last table, statistical analysis on 8000 samples showed 93% sensitivity and 91% specificity for CDP.
  • CDP is a fast-response, handheld, portable, wireless, and user-friendly device that makes it a very helpful surgeon assistant.