14.How does the real-time check of the cavity sidewall using hypoxia glycolysis contribute to the overall accuracy and reliability of the breast cancer detection results?


The system’s function and role is to find cancerous cells remaining in the cavity side margins. It means it can be used for breast cancer patients who are diagnosed with CNB in preclinical evaluations. Invasive cancer cells of the tumor margin can escape from the tumor edges and make clustered scattered tumoral cells or satellite lesions in the peripheral tissues. These clusters can’t be easily detected by the surgeon intraoperatively. On the other hand, they are not being evaluated by any conventional pathological method. So, having a precise device that can be applied simply in the cavity side margins, can help to excise involved tissues in the internal margins. If the involved margins remain in the body, cancer recurrence probability may increase and the survival rate may decrease.

So, please note that the CDP function is not detecting the tumor type/grade, but it only detection of paraneoplastic/neoplastic (from ADH to IDC) cells in the cavity side margin.