Technical Highlights

  • Fully Aluminum Body with Natural Electrostatic Furnace
  • Two Horizontal Arms with a Rotational Motion of 330
    Degrees and Vertical Movement Up to 40 cm
  • Motorized Arm with the Ability to Carry an Anesthetic
    Device with a Special Stand Separate Electropneumatic
    Brakes for Each Arm
  • Equipped with Unique Brake Levers and Switches
  • Ability to Install a Variety of Electrical Equipment
  • Ability to Embed All Kinds of Medical Outlet Gases and
    AGSS Outlet
  • Ability to Bear the Weight of Equipment Up to 220 kg
  • The Length of the Horizontal Arm is a Maximum of 90
    cm and the Vertical Arm is a Maximum of 75 cm
  • Ability to Change the Number of Drawers and
    Tableaware on theHanger
  • The Weight of the Device is About 250 kg