Technical Highlights:

  • Ability to Install EFL Devices Alone in Special Sections, to Detect Earth
    Leakage Current Errors of Each Consumer, After Announcing the error of
    Total Earth Leakage Current By LIM Installed on the Isolated Panel
  • Dynamic Type with the Ability to Detect Earth Leakage Currents Errors of
    Resistance, Capacitive, Hybrid, Symmetrical and Asymmetric
  • Display Real Time Machine Earth Leakage Current of Whole Panel with
    High Resolution
  • Ability to Test the Device to Ensure its Accuracy
  • Audio and Visual Warning in the Event of an Earth Leakage Current Faul
  • Announcement of voltage error, load current and temperature of the
    Isolated Transformer on the Display
  • Ability to Detect the Location of Earth Leakage Current in the Fastest
    Possible Time
  • Create Visual Alerts for any Channel or Consumer which Has an Earth
    Leakage Current Error