Patient Monitor

CMS 96+

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Key Features


Prepared Default Views for Using in Each Department of Hospital
ECG Recording, NIBP Report and Trend for All Parameters Up to 96 Hours Operating Time
Anti Reflex Display
Intuitive 19” Wide Multi Touch Display
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Communication Support
New Graphical User Interface
Full HD External Display Support
Dynamic Auto Size
Dual Bed Monitorin

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Why CMS 96 is preferable & wonderful ?
This Perfect 19” wide screen multi parameter vital signs monitor with 4layer & anti-reflex display,  can connect to central monitor and also World Wide Web . the doctors can consult and have connection from far to patient by this wonderful monitor. Today in the world of smart phones, you can install Android & IOS software on the tablet to monitor and trace the vital signs . another software is Remote Patient Monitor on the smart phone of nurses for any fast settings of devices by them and do any remote order even in offline mode. 7 burning tests are done for this monitor, and the accessories using are with no limitation and expire time. The device can be updated for 10 years
The main reason for naming CMS 96 is that we provide a Cardiovascular Monitoring System with ability to trend and save 96 hours and information  print. in this product you can see dual bed vital sign monitoring . it has lithium-ion battery with long operation (for 4 hours) and 25 shortcuts for easy using. This device has fast boot and fast measure of parameters .
Another benefit of CMS96 is can connect to other devices and can be added more modules. Ability to connect HIS by central monitor , ability to install Nurse call system with the lowest cost, ability to install MIV system that is BIS or index of consciousness and Capnograph and show simultaneous both of their amounts in operating rooms , and integration with central monitoring are some examples of that.
You can have stream ECG signal and the ECG modular cable has to parts which have wire3 and wire5 ability and that is help to reduce the costs and if one of the wires be broken , another one can be replaced. You can measure 17 kinds of arrhythmias by this magic monitor .

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Waveforms: ECG (3 ,7 ,12 leads), RESP, Pleth, EEG (One line), IBP (2 channels)
Numeric Parameters: HR, RR, SpO2%, PR, NIBP, Temp, IBP (2 channels)

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Arrhythmia Analyzer & ST Segment Detection
CO2 (MainStream & SideStream)
Multigas Analyzer (N2O, O2, AA1, AA2)
2.0” Thermal Recorder
Remote Patient Monitoring

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