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Technical Highlights

Manufactured in Two Single-Axle A1 and Two-Axle A2 Models
New Design to Facilitate the Provision of Services in the Intensive Care Unit
Ability to Install a Variety of Outlets and Electrical Equipment
Fully Aluminum Body with Electrostatic Furnace Paint
Has a Horizontal Range of Motion for Easy Access of the User to
Mechanical Systems (Medical Gases) and Electricals (Electrical aaEquipment)
The Weight of the Device is About 180 kg

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Ceiling pendants help to optimize the space inside an operation room end to keep wires end artier elements to Interfere with the operation table. Columns make easier medical tasks and procedures adding safety while placing monitoring equipment. The wide range of arms that Vistamedikal offers covers the needs of any operation room.
Vistamedikal’s ceiling-mounted booms offer simplified access to lights, displays, medical gases, utilities and other healthcare equipment. Unlike any other vendor in today’s market, Vistamedikals’s booms can support more components from fewer mounts.