Electrically guided interventional radiology


By:Zohreh Sadat Miripour, Parisa Aghaee, Fereshteh Abbasvandi, Parisa Hoseinpour, Hadi Ghafari, Nasser Namdar, Mohammad Esmaeil Akbari, Mohammad Abdolahad


An electrochemical biopsy probe was designed and fabricated to detect cancer tumors under the sonography guide without the need for any sample dissection (biopsy). The system was based on recording the hypoxic function of cancer tumors by Multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) sensing agents had been decorated on the tip of the needle electrodes by an electrostatic deposition method. This system named BGP successfully distinct 4T1 and MC4L2 breast tumors from normal lesions. It also diagnosed the treated tumors from vital ones. BGP as a clinically useful biosensor would detect the cancerous probability of any suspicious breast mass without any sample excision. Also, it can present a profile from neoplastic states of different regions of a tumor. This ability would make ensure for the radiologist to do biopsy or not, especially in the cases which are suspicious between BIRADS III and IVa. This would not only shed new light in detecting breast cancer tumors without biopsy (applied in radiological BIRADS classifications) but also evaluate the therapeutic effects on cancer tumors after chemotherapy/radiotherapy therapies without complicated and expensive scanning.