Lumbar Stabilization

This System is Intended for Static Stabilization of Lumbar and Thoracic Vertebrae in Treatment of Severe Spinal Injuries in Lumbar & Thoracic Levels.


* Manufactured from High Strength Titanium Alloy

Lumbar Hook

for enhancement of biomechanical. strength at non fixed levels.

Adjustable Cross-link

to increase the stiffness of screw-rod fixation under lateral bending and torsional moments.
Iliac screw with cap and rod holder suitable for treatment of severe injury at the lower vertebrae of lumbar or sacral with involvement of ilium.
Dynamic Rod with an universal joint to provide micro-movement of spinal fixation for improvement  of patient functionality.
Universal Pedicle Screw with dual inserting nut and curved locking washer suitable for scoliosis treatment