PSS 25

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Technical Highlights

High Vacuum: -80 kPa, 600 mmHg
High Flow: 20 L/min
Regulator for Adjust Surface Pressure
Anti-Bacterial Filter with 99.6% Absorbtion
Can Be Used with City Electricity, Battery, Lighting Charger
Dimensions: 300x180x350 mm aaWeight: 6 kg
Safety Classification: IPX1
In Accordance with
EN1079-1, EN60601-1, EN60601-2 Standards
Small, Lightweight and Portable Design
Various Vacuum Levels
Quiet in Operation
Easy to Use Operating Elements

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The importance of suction is undeniable . When we asked OR nurses to describe the impact of suction on patient safety, their answer left no room for doubt:
“Surgical suction is vitally important, and it must work at all times.”
If the suction process does not work, visibility is lost, the nurse cannot fully focus on caring for the patient and patient safety is at a risk. In fact, properly working suction is just as important as electricity for the normal running of an OR. Medical suction pumps are used during and after surgery to remove surgical fluids, tissue (including bones), gases and bodily fluids.  MEDTECH  designs high-quality vacuum technology to deliver a reliable build-up of suction power and for easy handling, both of which are important aspects for daily hospital use. MEDTECH provides a wide range of surgical suction pumps and accessories for all applications.