Mesh Corpectomy Cage


This implant is intended for treatment of severe degenerated or fractured vertebral bodies in cervical column.
Ridges for improvement of primary engagement of the vertebral body to the implant.
Manufactured from high mechanical strength of Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V-ELI).
Enhanced with porous HA coating layer to promote osseoconductivity of the implant surfaces.


Increased bone graft spacing to facilitate fusion of adjacent vertebrae.
Available in various diameters 10 ,12 ,14 mm.
Available in various lengths from 12 to 60 mm with 3mm increment.
Optimized mechanical strength and meshing holes on the cage wall.

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Cervical implants are orthopedic devices orthopedic surgeons use to decompress and stabilize the spine. These devices are implanted either from the front (anterior) of the spine or from the back (posterior). Information about anterior implants starts below.
The aims of cervical spine surgery include:
1 – Reduce pressure on the nerve(s) by decompression (for instance, surgically removing tissues pushing on a nerve).
2- Stabilize the cervical spine by fusing two or more cervical vertebrae together.