Modular Stainless Steel Wall

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* The effectiveness of modular walls in reducing operating room infections
* The ability to replace/remove any and all parts of the wall if and when needed
* No poisonous gases will be produced during a fire
* Easily accessible facilities
* Easier washing and cleaning process
* All modular wall panel materials are recyclable
* Resistance to building vibration and earth quakes
* Easily installation of built in equipment
* Earthquake resistance
* Decreases horizontal seam to vertical seam ratio and the groove width between 3 to 8 mm silicon strip hinges.
* Less accumulation of microorganisms due to the smooth and hygienic qualities of the modular system
* All structures are predesigned and engineered using the BIM method
* Easily allows the addition or subtraction of required devices in the operating rooms
* Creates a beautiful and dynamic MODERN scenery in comparison to the basic traditional walls

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Med&Tech’s wall panels have been made using the most upto-date technology, and have been carefully engineered using the modular operating room techniques. These panels are made of stainless steels (Steel 304) and have been colored using antibacterial super matte colors. Any desired colors could be applied to these panels.

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Stainless steel 304 and 316
Up to 100 centimeters
Up to 3.20 meters
1 MM
Antibacterial Colors – contains Full Color Printing
Panel Thickness
12/5 MM
Bending, spherical structures
Galvanized profiles 2 mm thick
Resistant Structure
Elements T, H
Installation Mechanism
All-steel screws

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