Modular Wall Panels

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With the advent of technology and science, the need for modern operating rooms using modular walls is strongly felt.

The Advantages of Modular wall panels:

Easier Washing and Cleaning Process
All Modular Wall Panel Materials are Recyclable
Resistance to Building Vibration And Earth Quakes
Easily Installation of Built in Equipment
Earthquake Resistance
Less Accumulation of Micro Organisms Due to the Smooth And Hygienic Qualities of the Modular System
All Structures are Predesigned and Angineered Using the BIM Method
Easily Allows the Addition or Subtraction of Required
Devices in the Operating Rooms
Creates a Beautiful and Dynamic MODERN Scenery in Comparison to the Basic Traditional Walls
The Effectiveness of Modular Walls in Reducing Operating Room Infections
No Poisonous Gases will be Produced during a Fire
Easily Accessible Facilities

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Modular Operating Theatres:
The construction is done with readymade prefab panels with speedy construction and high quality finishes and flexible to future expansions & maintenance without interrupting other functioning departments.
We offer turnkey engineering solutions for modular operating rooms which includes site survey, design, supply, supervision, Installation, Testing & commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of the system.
Modular Wall Panels:
Traditional walls have long been used in operating rooms and there is no denying that these simple walls have been responsive in their time, but with the advent of technology and science, the need for modern operating rooms using modular walls is strongly felt. The following will compare Vistamedikal’s modern modular wall panels and traditional walls in hospitals.
Why choose modular wall panels?
For starters using modular wall panels in surgical and operation rooms, be it the glass or steel version, has many great advantages on simple traditional walls. For the past nine years, most European and advanced countries have advised against using traditional materials such as tiles and ceramics in hospitals. This was also agreed upon in the Middle Eastern region (GCC) in 2015.