Patient Console

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Product Introduction

Bed head units enjoy an exquisite and unique design that is available at various sizes while providing various facilities according to the client’s needs. This product is highly resistant to vibration, tension, and pressure all the while enjoying a high level of fortification, and inside it, there are compartments designed for the various kits and equipment to be placed. The aforementioned product is used in the hospitalization units, special units such as ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and CCU ( Coronary Care Unit), Endoscopy rooms, and emergency rooms.


Introduction to the Model AJ-13 Bed Head units (Console)

Within this console, all the equipment such as the medical gases outlets, power socket, etc. have been compartmentalized in the bottom area. The areas that are designed for the light and power sockets and the medical gases outlets are engrained on the surface of the console by a CNC machine. Since all the equipment has been compartmentalized at the bottom section of the console, by unfastening two bolts on the surface, one can separate the top area from the bottom completely and gain access to the equipment within the console.
The Bed Head Units have been designed according to the HTM 02-01, NFPA 99C, and EN 737 standards and they have been distributed in the following three models:
• AJ-13 Horizontal Console: for normal hospitalization units that have at least two oxygen and vacuum outlets.
• AJ-13 Horizontal Console: for special care units which have at least three medical gases and power sockets outlets.
• AJ-13 Vertical Console (AJ-15): this console is used within areas that there is no room for the console to be installed horizontally; therefore, it shall be installed vertically.
Vertical Console enjoys the following attributes:

  • The ability to be installed at the special care and hospitalization units.
  • The ability to be installed for two beds concurrently.
  • Equipped with the isolated trans bond
  • Voltage stabilization
  • Removal of electric noise
  • Increasing the life cycle of the attached equipment
  • Equipped with LIM in order to control the electric parameters

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