SmartView Vital Signs Monitors

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Key Features


Multi-touch Screen, Stylish New Design
Equipment Class: Class I, Internally Powered, IPX1, Continuous Operation
PACS & HIS Support
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Communication Support
Intelligent Integrated Software with Comprehensive Vital Signs Monitoring
Humanized Operation Interface
High Resolution Display Option Improves Viewing
Replaceable Wide Displays (12, 15 ,19, 22 Inch)
Capability of Using Both Multi-Touch Screen Display & Keypad
Fully Customizable Modules
Dynamic Auto Size Waves
Mother & Baby Patient Monitor
Comprehensive Care with Vitals and Viewing
Dual Bed Monitoring
Wired and Wireless Networking with Continues Data Transfer
External USB/Wi-Fi Printer Support

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The life of your critically ill patient depends on making the right therapeutic decision. To achieve this, you need trusted information you can rely on – such as a broad set of reliable hemodynamic parameters so you can determine the best individual treatment for that patient. Today, Vistamedikal various vital sign monitors is the established standard for advanced hemodynamic monitoring.
If you need to improve your ability to monitor the vital signs of the patients under your care, the Vistamedikal vital sign monitors are an excellent choice. This state-of-the-art monitoring tool was developed to provide consistently reliable, accurate data and has been extensively field tested in hospitals and other medical facilities across the globe. Whether you are in need of a new vital signs monitor for your urgent care center, family practice, or hospital, the Vistamedikal Monitor is an ideal solutions.

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Waveforms: ECG (3 ,7 ,12 leads), RESP, Pleth, EEG (One line), IBP (2 channels)
Numeric Parameters: HR, RR, SpO2%, PR, NIBP, Temp, IBP (2 channels)

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Arrhythmia Analyzer & ST Segment Detection
Impedance Cardiography (ICG)
CO2 (MainStream & SideStream)
Multigas Analyzer (N2O, O2, AA1, AA2)
2.0” Thermal Recorder
Remote Patient Monitoring
Two Additional IBP Channel


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