This device is designed according to European standards and provides vital parameters in full.

This monitor is used in various departments of ICU, CCU, NICU, emergency room and operating room and can be used by patients in infant, child and adult age groups.


Display Parameters

  • ECG + HR
  • SpO2 + PR
  • Resp + RR
  • NIBP
  • Dual Temp
  • Dual IBP
  • CO2

Optional Parameters

  • CO2 (Side-Stream)
  • Thermal Recorder

Technical Specifications

  • Use 12.1 LCD display with high resolution, wide viewing angle and high brightness
  • Ability to work with city electricity as well as batteries.
  • Used in portable mode
  • Use of three ECG amplifier channels with the ability to display seven leads simultaneously
  • Has a video alarm when the lead is broken (Lead Fail)
  • Ability to install Nurse Call system
  • Communication with the central system in two ways with high security through LAN
  • Function without fan
  • Low weight (5.5 kg with battery)
  • Software with high reliability and completely easy to use
  • Ability to record and display ECG signal for up to 96 hours
  • Ability to store and display 100 times NIBP measurements
  • Trend feature for all parameters