Technical Highlights


All-in-one Integreted System
Storing Informations Up to 240 Hours Operating Timeaa
Wide 20” Touch Screen Display
Two-Way Communication with Patient Monitors
Arrhythmia Analyzer
Portable Thermal Recorder & LaserJet Printer Support
User Friendly & Elegant Interface
[nz_tabs][nz_tab title=”Description”]Centralized monitoring offers many of the capabilities of on-site monitoring as well as additional capabilities. With the advent of various eClinical technologies, analytical and visualization tools, it is easy to check the data and reports centrally or remotely. In fact, the regulators encourage use of centralized monitoring techniques wherever appropriate. With the introduction centralized monitoring in a risk-based monitoring (RBM) approach, the central monitor is emerging as a key and important role in successful implementation of this new monitoring approach. As the central monitor would be checking the study data and risk reports on real-time basis using appropriate technology to monitor data quality, patient safety and relevant risks, he/she would be the first person to detect any study related risk/issue(s). Therefore, considering overall objectives of centralized monitoring, the central monitor plays a vital role in this process and is a key driver to facilitate the process[/nz_tab][nz_tab title=”Measurement “]

Vital Signs of 16 Telemetry Systems or Bedside Patient Monitors aathrough Wireless Network/LAN
Up to 5 Graphs Simultaneously for Each Patient Including ECG (I, II, III, aVL, aVR, aVF, V), SpO2% , Pleth, RESP, IBP1 and IBP2)
Patient Information, Continuous Records History and Nurse Calls


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