With the advent of technology and science, the need for modern operating rooms using modular walls is strongly felt.

The Advantages of Modular wall panels:

  • Easier Washing and Cleaning Process
  • All Modular Wall Panel Materials are Recyclable
  • Resistance to Building Vibration And Earth Quakes
  • Easily Installation of Built in Equipment
  • Earthquake Resistance
  • Less Accumulation of Micro Organisms Due to the Smooth And
  • Hygienic Qualities of the Modular System
  • All Structures are Predesigned and Angineered Using the BIM Method
  • Easily Allows the Addition or Subtraction of Required
  • Devices in the Operating Rooms
  • Creates a Beautiful and Dynamic MODERN Scenery in
  • Comparison to the Basic Traditional Walls
  • The Effectiveness of Modular Walls in Reducing Operating Room Infections
  • No Poisonous Gases will be Produced during a Fire
  • Easily Accessible Facilities

Modular Wall Panels