Free your staff and keep in contact with MEDTECH paging system. The MEDTECH Hospital Communication System is used to communicate confidentially and unobtrusively with staff members. No need to worry about searching for staff when they are away from their area. Your staff can also quietly communicate with each other while caring for patients and protecting their privacy. Staff Call hospital pagers allow staff more freedom of movement with the peace of mind that they can be contacted if needed. Lightweight, convenient pagers free them to move around your facility and be contactable when required. Count on Connect to help you maintain contact with medical staff.

Has centralized software for sending messages through software from any hospital locations
• Ability to use anti-skid and waterproof keys to increase system reliability
• Easily communicate with and alert nurses, doctors and staff at no cost
• Eliminate loud and annoying public announcements
• Does not interfere with hospital equipment
• Anti-bacterial

IP Based engineering for flexibility in adding speakers to microphones or switching sound

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