Nurse call System

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Key Features:

  • Increases patient satisfaction by providing both transparent and online services
  • Ability to track and cite by recording all conversations
  • creating a competitive environment between nurses with consideration of the customer satisfaction with the services provided by each nurse
  • Affordable and responsive for both a small clinic and the largest modern chain hospitals
  • An online nurse system accessed by a phone app available to nurses, supervisors, head nurses, and the management
  • Communicate seamlessly with any type of hospital VOIP call center

Automatically display inpatient patient information by web service connection to HIS software

In the past, the nurses of a hospital demanded an essential system that not only provided a strong connection between doctors, nurses and patients It will also have the ability to automate new functions of voice reminder, export information, data collection, loading and data processing . This system drastically reduces the workload of medical personnel and the quality of medical care is greatly improved .

nurse call system Included :

Combined parts nurse call system :

These hospitals consist of an integrated host such as: Bathroom extension, extra bed extension, mobile phone, door extension, nurse extension, Plastic smart handle, bed extension, aisle display management host and various long control devices.

Functions nurse call system :

This device includes : Overview of patient information in the ward, handling ward calls, partitioned playback, support both wired and wireless networks, bed management, Level management, personnel management, information management, call logging, operation reporting, oxygen inquiry logging, department inspection logging, Login query, aisle display, door extension, bed format, layout and content setting .

Bed extension sections :

This section includes: call conversation, inquiring about medical information, displaying patient information, hospital services, collecting and uploading vital signs data, inquiring about examination results, The bed screen automatically changes the brightness at the appointed time of the evening, the time and number of nurses is automatically recorded, Display nursing information, warm reminders, hospital fee inquiries, satisfaction check, electronic bedside call, automatic oxygen scheduling, injection monitoring, Emergency broadcast, nurses’ workplace automatically records the number and timing of nurse services.

Door extension sections:

This section includes: High quality LCD screen, sending images, text, videos and voice messages over wireless networks, contact information can be processed, Quick section check, you can call the nursing station and talk again, If the nurse makes a call, she can make a selection and talk at the nearest port. You can set different colors according to the different levels of the bathroom format and the contact with the bed.

Playback performance:

You can use this device in any nursing station in the whole ward or even inside other wards that are within this network. Play audio or video and audio that you will not have any problems during playback.

Link function:

This system and video surveillance system are integrated in the security management system. This system allows you to connect to the CCTV system. That you can see the affected area in alert mode or have a video of it.

Advantages of internal communication system:

Includes: fast and easy process, great volume, good sound quality, public broadcast, environmental monitoring, external interface and call recording.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”1358″ title=”nurse call system”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_tta_tabs][vc_tta_section title=”description” tab_id=”1605438964142-a7eece44-6fd6″][vc_column_text]The nurse call button system directly affects the quality of health care services. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the quality of services given to the patients is a distinguishing feature of the medical centers, and in this regard, the patient satisfaction as a potential client of the healthcare system is a top priority for all hospital complexes.

What is a Nurse call System?

The smart nurse summoning system is designed and implemented for the use of medical centers and hospitals that, in addition to summoning nurses, need to automatically display patient information such as name, type of disease, date of hospitalization, treating physician, etc.

The need for most medical centers to replace patient information notes on whiteboards with an intelligent system that automatically displays information has been the spark for this model.

A 5-inch display automatically displays patient information by connecting to the center HIS system.

All other standards of hospital technology nurse summoning, including pillow key, headlight, traction key, two-way voice communication with the nursing station, CPR key, the possibility of wireless all modules, web-based management software, etc. are also available in this model. .

The color scheme and design of the panel can be changed to the customer’s liking.

The system operates on standard hospital cabling under the TCP / IP protocol.

VoIP voice communication protocol.

There is an IoT infrastructure on this system.

All temperature, smoke, motion and traffic control sensors are integrated in this system.

Nurse Call systems refer to systems that are installed on the patient’s bed console and the patient can call the nursing station in case of need and request a clinical visit.

Traditional nurse referral systems were based on voice iPhones. With the advent of the IP Phone debate, there was a major change in the nurse summoning device, which was much more capable than an internal telephone conversation. The nurse summoning device is offered in two types, Goya and Behyar.


Of course, there is also the silent model, which is in the form of a LoRaWAN wireless network or a master system in each room and connecting a number of Call and Cancel keys. Here are two common models:

Nurse summoning system

The general features of Goya Nurse Summoning System are as follows:

Creating a VIP bed: An IP Phone‌ device is installed on the patient’s console and a VIP phone is placed in the nursing station. Upon the patient’s request to contact the nursing station, he / she joins the call waiting line and raises his / her problem or request.

TFT color and graphic display in dimensions of 4.3, 5 and 7 inches with resistance touch capability (for use with gloves)

LED indicator in RGB to display different system modes and flashing mode Alive status

Record all calls and conversations on the server for further review if necessary

Two-way contact capability: In this system, both the patient can contact the nursing station and the nursing station is able to contact the patient.

The device has a color display with the ability to select Persian / Arabic / English language, which is dynamically adjusted by the panel of the nursing station.

Has a key to nurse presence and record the time of call to care: This key is used for nurses after attending the patient’s bedside. If more accurate recording is needed, an RFID module can be used to determine which nurse has referred the patient and resolved the problem.

HD call sound quality

Call quality is HD.

Network connection both via LAN cable and WiFi‌ band 2.4 or band 5 and according to the customer’s suggestion and preference

If you choose a LAN connection, the device can be turned on via PoE and will not need to install an adapter in the patient console and accept the risk of potential hazards.

There is the ability to upgrade the software of the server and each Nerscal device remotely by creating Internet access.

Ability to play IPTV network TV if using a 7-inch screen and installed on the movable arm of the patient bed

Ability to monitor and monitor the status of systems installed online on the company’s server panel. This feature, in addition to informing about device failures and service, has problems before announcing the customer; It is also used for advertising and business.

In multi-bed rooms, the connection between the toilet key and the door light is established only with the first male master, and the other beds are configured as slaves, and there is no need to run wiring on all devices.

Ability to connect the paging system of Mahan Electronic network to Nars Call to broadcast public messages

Intelligent Communication Nurse Summoning System

Ability of RFID module with NFC technology to adapt to new tablets and RTLS tags. In order to prevent any malfunction, it is necessary to replace the cancellation key with the nurse RFID card.

Ability to connect the camera for video calling and check the patient’s appearance when calling the nursing station

Home Care feature in full option mode

For flawless and safe operation of the device, it is recommended to consider a dedicated LAN, otherwise it should be set to High priority for male ports. In shared networks, the possibility of interference between surveillance cameras and the Nerscal system is expected. Also, creating any loop in the network causes severe network disruption and malfunction of the Nerscal system, and it is not provable, so the performance of the Nerscal system is questioned.

The device has a 1-year warranty and 5-year service with a repair commitment guaranteed by the company. To install the company’s trained personnel, they will go to the hospital and the system will be fully tested and delivered one by one.

The following are the specific features of Nurse Call with VoIP capability:

Since the VoIP two-way communication infrastructure has been created in the Nerskal hardware and software produced, there is the potential to create a patient room phone with Shortcut keys for Nerskal and it has a very high added value.

Ability to contact other parts of the hospital like a regular telephone

Ability to call operator numbers outside the hospital: If the patient needs to contact outside the hospital or his companions, it is possible to have a 4-digit PIN code and call costs through the relevant definitions on On the server panel; It is calculated and included in the patient’s bill.

The keyboard of the device for dialing is of the touch type, which is completely hygienic and can be cleaned. Similar devices have a push keypad that, in addition to collecting dirt in mechanical parts; It may not be usable for patients who are unable to press spring keys.

All conversations will be saved if needed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_tabs][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column offset=”vc_hidden-lg vc_hidden-md vc_hidden-sm vc_hidden-xs”][vc_column_text]The MEDTECH company was founded in accordance to the demand for modernization of hospital systems, and through extensive research by specialized personals and scientists has now become a medical equipment Company for smart hospital systems and modular smart hospital rooms . The products and systems of this collection are: : Modern Operating Room ، OR Sliding Door ، Laminar Air Flow ، DC Shock Device ،   Hospital Information System ، Nurse call System ،  Hospital Intercom System ، Hospital Building Design ، Operating Room Surgical Light


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