Cervical Intervertebral Fusion Cages


Cervical intervertebral fusion cages are indicated to be implanted through anterior aspect of cervical column.

Cage-Plate assembly

Optimized Bone Graft Spacing accelerating
the fusion of adjacent vertebrae.
Diagnosis of the cage position in radiographic
scans through titanium alloy pins.
Enhanced with Transverse Ridges on Superior
and Inferior Surfaces for Mechanical
Integration with vertebrae endplates .
Cages are manufactured from PEEK polymer
with radioulence advantage to allow
observation of bone fusion.

Cervical Cage-Spacer

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Cervical implants are orthopedic devices orthopedic surgeons use to decompress and stabilize the spine. These devices are implanted either from the front (anterior) of the spine or from the back (posterior). Information about anterior implants starts below.
The aims of cervical spine surgery include:
1 – Reduce pressure on the nerve(s) by decompression (for instance, surgically removing tissues pushing on a nerve).
2- Stabilize the cervical spine by fusing two or more cervical vertebrae together.