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* Impermeable Nonporous with No Way of Infections
* By standards of ISO 8690, Have Special Ability to Control Infections
* Sensitivity to Electricity
* Easily Cleanable
* Quick, Easy & Direct Installation on Surfaces
* Cost Effective Durable, Without Crack, Witout Break Water-Resistant

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When patient safety is the number one priority; seamless floor systems are the solution for your hospital or healthcare facility. MEDTECH’s hospital flooring systems offer a seamless surface that eliminates any crevices that could harbor potentially dangerous bacteria and lead to HAIs. Our simple to clean hospital floors deliver a stain resistant solution that keeps your hospital or healthcare facility looking and performing at the highest level for the patients who walk through your doors each day.


[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”surface layer” tab_id=”1604825062584-4597121a-8cd5″][vc_column_text]The surface layer of this flooring is made up of evercare technology. Evercare technology is the newest and best healthcare flooring provider and has been made using Polyurethane which were produced using lasers and UV lights. This makes the flooring which is often exposed to chemicals and materials used for health care at a hospital such as: iodine, eosin, antibacterial gels and disinfectants easier to maintain. Carbon granules is in the superstructure and the flooring also has integrated carbon coating on the back which follows the standards of IEC 1—61340. The flooring has a resistance of 104 to 10 ohm and according to the IEC 613405 standard has also the ability to withstand a voltage of 100 up to 2000 volts.

This product in compliance to the 150-1600 standard is resistant to the emission of volatile organic matter and emits ten micrograms per cubic meter in 28 days. This flooring has a variety of physical properties of its own for use in parts such as ramps, finishing angles, grade and conductive welded wires; rounded angles for better tile bonding and Transmission of electric charges.