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CDP: Human Study Case Report

CDP: Human Study Case Report

In our clinical study, we observed some interesting findings. Firstly, the Cancer Diagnostic Probe (CDP) successfully detected positive results for the anterior margin of patient ID 114, which was initially reported as a free margin in the frozen section. However, upon further analysis by permanent pathology, it was confirmed to have IDC nuclear grade 2 involvement on its reciprocal EMs. Secondly, the CDP also identified positive results for the inferior margin of patient ID 138, despite the frozen section declaring it as a free margin on its reciprocal margin (EM-). However, permanent pathology diagnosed margin involvement to DCIS on the same EM. These discoveries highlight the importance of utilizing advanced diagnostic tools like the CDP for accurate cancer detection and diagnosis.

For more information on our study and the implications of these results, please visit our website at www.hospital-tech.com.

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