Key Features

* Glass does not burn nor wither: Unlike other materials that wear and tear, glass has its own unique properties and will manage to shine even after many years of use.
* Glass is extremely easy to clean: No wrinkles, no cracks and a perfectly smooth surface. This material is very clean and resistant to all standard disinfectants.
*Glass is environmentally friendly: 100% of glass can be recycled and thus used and reused over and again without any harm to the environment or any waste of valuable natural resources
* Glass is scratch and impact-proof: Glass is a multipurpose material which after having endured thousands of blows to be made, has become scratch and impact proof.
* Print the layout on the middle layer (not having access to the layout because of printing between two layers of glass)
*Use secured glass for high impact resistance
* Use two layers of laminated glass to prevent the glass from collapsing if broken.
* Variety in design and color in places that variety is most needed such as ICU, CCU, the pediatric ward, etc.
* Resistance against earthquake up to 9 magnitudes.

Earthquake Resis tant Modular Antibacterial Glass Panels

Modular Wall Panels:
Traditional walls have long been used in operating rooms and there is no denying that these simple walls have been responsive in their time, but with the advent of technology and science, the need for modern operating rooms using modular walls is strongly felt. The following will compare Vistamedikal’s modern modular wall panels and traditional walls in hospitals.
Why choose modular wall panels?
For starters using modular wall panels in surgical and operation rooms, be it the glass or steel version, has many great advantages on simple traditional walls. For the past nine years, most European and advanced
countries have advised against using traditional materials such as tiles and ceramics in hospitals. This was also agreed upon in the Middle Eastern region (GCC) in 2015.

Panels Specifications and Dimensions



Up to 1 M
Up to 3.2 M
10/11/12 mm
B)2)2 Standard 12600 EN
Increased resistance
Laminate between two secured glass
Color mechanism
Printing mechanism
 Interlayer on PVB with oven baking
Glass printing
 Ardakan glass
Installation Structure
2mm galvanized profiles
Type of glass
Tempted Security


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