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The company used the BIM technology in engineering the modular operating rooms, and using the stimulator created electronically designed versions of the maps for this proposal.


* BIM System is 75% More Effective for Communication between Different Project Executives in order to Visualize the Construction Process for the Employer.
* Reducing Errors Created During the Design Phase by over 57%
* Decreases the Process Time by 37%
* 65% Decrease in Remaking and Remodeling Resulting in Spending Less Money
* 62% Hike in the Profits and the Return of Money Spen

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BIM is a perfect fit for healthcare because of the complex nature of these buildings, the repetitiveness of the activity within the building, and the need to really nail process. Having a fully integrated BIM model allows us to simulate process and material distribution, patient and staff flow and how all that interrelates. By modeling healthcare projects, the early adopters of BIM are seeing reduced project costs, shortened schedules, and increased project quality. The biggest gains are the result of improved coordination of ultra-complex building systems and the ability for real-time visualization with Building Team members and clients