Operating Room Management Systems (ORMS)

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* Operating Room Video Source Integration (HDMI, SDI, VGA, DVI,
* ideo Routing
* Video Streaming
* Video Recording (USB, NAS, SAN)
* Surgical Light Control
* Video Conferencing
* BMS Control Panel
* Music Control Panel
* HIS & PACS Control Panel
* RFID Reader
From a single entry point, staff can:
* Enter, edit,swap, and reschedule patient appointments associated with surgical cases
* Schedule all resources and equipment for surgical cases
* Use block time scheduling for providers, provider groups, and specialties
* Access resource schedules for conflict checking by branching into Community-wide Scheduling
* Reorder patient cases for a particular time or date
* Admit and register patients
* Print patient surgical profiles and forms
* Check for scheduling conflicts regarding patient and physician schedules, as well as room and equipment availability.

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The Operating Room Management system Enables Staff to:
Schedule Surgical Cases and Prevent Conflicts Your staff can use the integrated Scheduler’s Desktop to manage all aspects of operating room scheduling.
Complete integration with Platform’s Community-wide Scheduling provides full conflict checking. For example, schedulers can simultaneously book preoperative appointments and surgical cases. Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to move cases from one time slot to another.


The ORMS (Operating Room Management System) achieved its goal to trace electronically the whole surgical pathway of all patients which enter the ORB (Operation Room Block) until their exit. The objective data basis produced in this way makes it possible to re-organize the processes of the entire surgical pathway with regard to patient safety and organizational performance and efficiency.