Laminar Air Flow

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It can be said that the most important dangers in operating rooms are pollutants and airborne particles that can cause dangers if they come in contact with the human body. The best solution for this is air conditioning or laminar air flow. In this article, we are going to deal with the quiet air conditioning system along with the air curtain in the operating room. Based on experiments performed in operating rooms, experts have concluded that the contaminants entering the operating room are by ventilation or infiltration. Ventilated particles can be controlled with high efficiency filters and also the particles entered in these rooms can be controlled using positive pressure technology compared to the ambient pressure of the room. Other potential hazards of operating rooms include inhalation of anesthetic gases such as nitrous oxide and halothane and the release of halogenated vapors into the operating room environment There are possible risks such as: decreased brain function, decreased visual and auditory ability, megaloblastic anemia, increased spontaneous abortions and liver and kidney disease. Research in this area by some companies has concluded that a proper ventilation system has a significant effect on reducing the release of anesthetic gases in the operating room. Research has shown that most contaminant particles in operating rooms are generated by surgical personnel and their activities during surgery. Studies have shown that the best pattern of air movement in these rooms has been the transfer of air from the ceiling to the floor with a downward movement to the various outlets located along the walls. You should know that during medical research, researchers found that controlling temperature and humidity and using air conditioning to treat patients is very effective and useful.Because to treat some diseases, air conditioning is used as one of the treatment methods.

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow System

In this design, the air is directed in a direct direction from the inlet to the outlet with the least mixing or turbulence. These types of operating rooms have a larger and more expensive air system than their traditional counterparts. In this method, the particle discharge is done somewhat quickly, creating the opportunity to remove many of the limitations and supports that are done in traditional operating rooms. As a result, with this method, the operation, time and cost of the operation can be saved, and as a result, the high price of the equipment can be compensated.

Suitable for integration in hospitech opererating theatre systems to hygiene-compliant standards
• Low-turbulence air circulation unit with variable frame system
• Low-Sound pressure level
• Low-turbulence displacement flow panel
• Cost effective
• Very air conditioning and pleasant air

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Laminar ventilation system is a new generation of pressure distribution devices. The main purpose of this device is to filter the inlet air from the air conditioner and to create a safe, clear space from any contaminated particles around the patient. These series of devices are capable of controlling different levels of pollution and create uniform air throughout the room. These devices are usable in operating rooms for hospital rooms, creating a uniform, pollution-free environment. With this device you can use more options if needed. The device is modular, making it easy to install in the operating room.


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Floating laminates are one of the most important requirements of the modern operating room, making it impossible to allow any contamination at the site.


Specifications and Dimensions

Airflow rate
0.18- 0.38 m/s
(1.83 m ×1.23 m) min – (3.20 m ×3.20 m )max
Central cavity
 Available for ceiling columns and lighting
Air source
 Available for ceiling columns and lighting
Body Material
 AISI 304
How to seal the output
Ester with aluminum frame
How to seal the output
 Full steel lace

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