* Operating Room Video Source Integration (HDMI, SDI, VGA, DVI,
* ideo Routing
* Video Streaming
* Video Recording (USB, NAS, SAN)
* Surgical Light Control
* Video Conferencing
* BMS Control Panel
* Music Control Panel
* HIS & PACS Control Panel
* RFID Reader
From a single entry point, staff can:
* Enter, edit,swap, and reschedule patient appointments associated with surgical cases
* Schedule all resources and equipment for surgical cases
* Use block time scheduling for providers, provider groups, and specialties
* Access resource schedules for conflict checking by branching into Community-wide Scheduling
* Reorder patient cases for a particular time or date
* Admit and register patients
* Print patient surgical profiles and forms
* Check for scheduling conflicts regarding patient and physician schedules, as well as room and equipment availability.

Operating Room Management Systems (ORMS)